Websites aren’t set-it and forget-it and it’s a good idea to run regular maintenance so that your site is always functioning at it’s best. Here are some tips to help you keep your site running smoothly.

  • Regular Back Ups – Remember that time you worked for hours on a document, forgot to hit save, your computer shut down and you lost EVERYTHING. From then on, you took certain precautions to make sure you wouldn’t lose your work again. The same thing goes for your website. Fixing a problem is much easier if you have a backup available to restore.
  • Update Software – Keep your platform, themes, and plugins up to date. Hackers are real and they don’t discriminate because you’re a small business. Anything that is out of date leaves your website vulnerable to security breaches.
  • Fix Broken Links – Content you have linked to in the past may change either on your end or externally. Dead links make your business look bad, mess up the user experience and are not good for search engine optimization. They’re not completely unavoidable but ideally, they don’t exist on your website for too long.
  • Form Testing – Fill out and submit the forms on your website. Check the customer form submission alerts. Make sure emails are being sent to the correct place and are being received. If anything isn’t working correctly, you could be missing out on valuable leads.
  • eCommerce Testing – Make test purchases of products. Go through your checkout process as if you were a customer. Take a look at the notification emails the user receives. Do this on different devices and in different browsers so you can figure out if your customers are coming across any snags.

If this seems overwhelming with everything else you have going on in your busy life, ask me about a maintenance plan. We can implement one of my existing monthly plans or customize something to fit the needs of your business.