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My name is Kaila Anderson and I am a Web Developer + Digital Consultant*** and the owner of HEYKAILA MEDIA based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. With over 10+ years of industry experience in the web, marketing & advertising world – I’ve had the chance to improve my skills in many different areas – from my primary skill set of front end web development, to project management, technical support, external communication, and much more.

***Digital Consultant [ dij-i-tl kuh n-suhl-tnt ]
A Jack (or in this case, Jill) of all trades for the digital needs of your business. Think website, email, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), analytics, and everything else that can be accessed by touchscreen, keyboard, or mouse.

I’ve stepped away from the world of having a boss to the one where I’m my own boss. I pride myself in being able to work at accomplishing my own dreams (such as the ability to travel the world and #workfromwherever) while simultaneously helping my clients accomplish theirs.

I’m also passionate about giving back to the community that has so generously supported me in my journey to where I am today. I am a part of the Build Love team, who gives an annual free home renovation to a person in need, and work closely with Understand Us, an organization who works to create a positive conversation throughout the province surrounding mental health.

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