Talking websites:

Having a developer tell you how much your website will cost without hearing about your project is pretty much the same as having a contractor tell you how much your house will cost to build without seeing your blueprints…aka not accurate. Working with many small businesses and being one myself, I can understand that a website can be a major expense and that having a ballpark estimate may be the deciding factor of whether you move forward. Shoot me a message with a few details and I can give you a rough estimate or let you know if I can work within your budget!

Talking updates:

I bill out my time in 15 minute increments at my current hourly rate. If we are working together on an hourly basis, I always suggest you send your update requests in batches so that you get the best value for the dollars you are spending. For example, I can do one update in 2 minutes and bill you for 15 OR better yet, I can do six updates in 15 minutes and bill you you the same.