As with many things in life, building a website involves a little bit of planning. HeyKaila Media builds websites with a content-first approach – meaning we use your content to define layout and elements in the design of your site.

What is content?

  • Content encompasses a variety of media, including copy (text), graphics, video, audio, social media communication and anything else used to tell a story or communicate an idea.
  • Content is the reason your audience visits your website, fills out your form, purchases your product, and lets you into their lives.

Why we use the content-first approach.

  • Efficiency: By using real content, we can uncover potential challenges sooner and be able to address them immediately instead of halfway through the project. Less time will be spent discussing content and design because we will already have discovered and worked through the issues at the first stage (starting with a website content template)!
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  • Collaboration & Consistency: Many hands make light work. If you are working with a designer, they may want to incorporate assets from your brand into your website. Close collaboration right from the start gets everyone on the same page faster and reduces or eliminates unnecessary back and forth.
  • Scope Creep: Properly preparing for your website helps us define the project and avoid scope creep, or more tasks getting tacked on as it moves along. Of course, sometimes additional feature requirements arise throughout the process that you might not have realized were important at the start, but the more we can determine up front, the better.

Who will write my content?

  • Spoiler alert! Not us! You typically wouldn’t hire a plumber to do the electrical work in your house, right? Everyone has skills where they excel and we are fully able to admit that writing is not ours. Having said that, we do want you to succeed so we have some other options…
  • You! But you need a little help getting started right? The document below was created to help guide you through the process step by step. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can write, draw, type – whatever works the best for you. All we ask is that it’s as thorough as possible and in a format that we can understand.
  • A Copywriter: You might read this and think “Ugh, I just do NOT feel like I have the capability or time to do a good job on this.” No problem! Did you know that there are people who’s sole job it is to write copy for your website and other advertising and marketing needs your business may have? We are friends with a few of these fine folks and can include this task right in your estimate.

If you don’t have time to do it content-first, you must have the time (and budget) to do it over.